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Rick Smith’s Tip of the Month – Treetops Resort

A new swing theory has emerged on the PGA Tour in the past few months. Stack And Tilt. Some of the variables in this theory include, weight staying on your forward foot and getting your spine to lean towards the target all at the top of your back swing. I think one of the crucial problems with this theory is the tour players that are using this, are feeling one thing and doing another. What I mean is that they are feeling their weight on their forward foot and they are feeling their spine leaning towards the target, but in actuality they are not doing that. I will agree that there have been some great players who have kept their weight on their forward foot, but for every 1 player that has done that there have been a hundred who move there weight slightly back to the rear foot. There have also been a few players who have actually leaned their spine towards the target at the top of their swing, such as Colin Montgomerie and Jerry Barber, but the majority lean their spine slightly away from the target. So, the big question, is this the right theory for you. If you are a golfer who tends to move too far off the golf ball on the back swing, then yes. This feeling will help keep you more centered. Do I want your weight on your forward foot or spine leaning toward the target, NO! This will just be a feeling to help keep you more centered. Take a look at some of the guys who are using this theory and you will see their spine is either leaning away from the target or centered, not leaning towards the target. *Can’t make it to Michigan. Send a video of your swing to our academy for professional analysis.

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